Why choose a honeymoon cruise vacation?

Planning your dream honeymoon? The world is your oyster – Bali, Barbados, Greek island or maybe a honeymoon cruise? Cruises are increasingly popular for anniversaries, weddings and they make a dream honeymoon vacation. Here are some reasons why a honeymoon cruise beats the traditional honeymoon every time.

Easy to book Booking a honeymoon cruise is a very easy process. Just browse through the many destination options for your dates and press BOOK! It really is that easy. Optional packages before and after the cruise will include airline tickets, hotels and transfers. Without making hotel reservations while looking for suitable flights, there is no rental car to arrange and no transfers to worry about. A honeymoon vacation package takes care of everything – cabin, transportation and food all in one. If only wedding planning was that easy!

Great winter destinations Choosing where to enjoy a honeymoon in the winter may be limited, but cruise ships are shifting to offer a honeymoon cruise in the sun at any time of the year. In winter, they are mainly based around the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Southern Hemisphere. In the summer, they cross the Atlantic and tour the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and Alaska. A honeymoon vacation should be about sunbathing, so book with confidence.

Extras Inform the cruise company that this is your honeymoon cruise vacation. Most ships offer a few goodwill extras for those on a honeymoon vacation. Tables for two, free champagne and chocolate candy and even a honeymoon cocktail. Some cruise lines have honeymoon packages for a small addition, which include engraved mugs, flowers, a wedding cake and many other pleasant surprises.

privacy You might think that joining 2,000 other cruisers won't allow much privacy for your honeymoon cruise vacation, but it's actually the opposite. Enjoy room service in your cabin anytime of the day or night – no nasty charge. Fruit dishes, plates of cheese, drinks, snacks and breakfast in bed are just a phone call away. Ignore organized shore excursions, take city taxis and explore each port hand in hand. Alternatively, ask the taxi driver to take you to the nearest quiet beach – and arrange for him to pick you up later! Most cruises have an alternative meal to supplement, and these exclusive restaurants offer candlelight dinners, attentive service for waiters and a romantic setting to make your honeymoon truly special.

fun Life on board a cruise ship is never boring. Sit in a cozy corner and be conquered by a professional pianist, dance from cheek to cheek, enjoy an off-road show, head to the casino and try your luck or get out into the warm night air and cuddle under the stars. The best part is that at the end of the evening, your cabin is just a stroll away. Without calling a taxi or driving a rental car in a foreign place. With a honeymoon cruise, everything is taken care of perfectly.