Disney Vacation Cruise, Safety First

Disney Vacation Cruise, Safety First

The dream vacation for every child is a Disney Cruise vacation. The great thing about a Disney cruise vacation is that not only do the children have a blast, but also the parents get to enjoy all the great benefits of a cruise. Whether you opt to take the Disney Magic Cruise or the Disney Wonder Cruise, rest assured you will receive all the 5 star benefits from 24 hour room service, delectable food, entertainment for all ages, and some of the greatest memories ever thought possible to make with your family. 

Disney Cruise lines take you and your family’s safety in utmost importance. From any of their exciting itineraries from a 3 or 4 night cruise to the Bahamas to a 7 might cruise to the Eastern or Western Caribbean you can rest assured that your safety is always being considered from the moment you step foot on the ship until they safely return you back. Even when docking at exciting retreats such as Castaway Cay, safety checks are put in place to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Disney Cruise Lines offer family estate rooms so your family stays together. If extended family is coming along to enjoy the experience, Disney Cruise Lines will do everything possible to make sure your rooms are all located adjacent to each other. No child under the age of 18 is allowed to get off the ship at any port of call unless an adult is with them showing proper kinship, or the responsible adult party signs for them to go ashore. The day care center aboard ship is equipped with pagers so at all times the parents can have piece of mind in knowing that if their child or the staff needs them they will know immediately. You cannot even get that piece of mind in a land based daycare center.

Before the ship will even leave dock to start your exciting adventure upon sea, required by Coast Guard and the International Safety Regulations, and highly supported by Disney Cruise Lines, every passenger must participate in the compulsory safety drill. Other safety guidelines that are strictly followed are the picture identification system. Even adults are required to show picture ID to embark or disembark at any port.

On top of highly secured railings on the decks, Plexiglas is also in place for the safety of all passengers and especially children. There is onboard physician and nurses available 24/7 for any medical needs that may arise. However, as a passenger you are required to make sure that you bring along an ample supply of any maintenance medication you may medically need in the original prescription bottle.

Common sense goes a long way when vacationing anywhere so before embarking on any cruise talk with your family and make sure you have your own personal check systems in place as well. Disney Cruises does everything in its power to ensure you a safe and enjoyable cruise filled with wonderful memories; however, nothing can compare with using your common sense and having your own safety check practices in place. 

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Washington Attractions and Vacation Guide

Washington Attractions and Vacation Guide

Washington DC is a beautiful city. It has wide boulevards and avenues, numerous parks and open spaces, elegant colonial houses, marble monuments and impressive stately architecture. Add to this a thriving cultural scene and a cosmopolitan atmosphere and it has to be one of America’s greatest cities, and a fitting home for its President.

Now there is a huge amount to see in America’s capital city, however much of it is congregated around one central area – the National Mall and Constitution Gardens. This beautiful expanse of open space and ornate marble water features is home to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. Walking around this area is a great way to relax and it’s a picturesque picnic spot.

The area at the top of The Mall overflows with importance as it is here you will find Capitol Hill, The US Capitol Building, the White House and the Supreme Court.

Just a short walk away are the Gallery of Art, Air and Space Museum, National Natural History Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the International Spy Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. All of these are worth your buck.

The proximity of all of these major sights and attractions you would think means you can spend just a few days here, however, the museums and galleries are so extensive that you need a day to do each one.

Georgetown is up-market Washington at its best. It has grand, attractive colonial homes, boutiques and restaurants and some of the capital’s best nightlife.

The Adams-Morgan district to the north has some funky shops and ethnic stores, awesome live music venues and thanks to its diverse cultural mix has some fantastic restaurants that are far more reasonably priced than in Georgetown or central areas.

Summertime is a great time to visit Washington, particularly over the 4th of July. This is American Independence Day and the day is filled with parades, street parties and barbeques. The day is wrapped up with an immense fireworks display over Potomac River and an orchestral concert on Capitol Hill.

Jazz is also mighty popular in this city. The best places are Shaws around U Street and 14th and Blues Alley in Georgetown. These cater for a more sophisticated crowd, but if you want to dance the night away the Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle areas have some of the best clubs and bars attracting world-famous DJs and the DC party set.

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Have a Great Summer Vacation – Here’s How

Have a Great Summer Vacation – Here’s How

It’s now time to start gearing up for that much-deserved summer vacation. The kids will soon be out of school, and it’s really beginning to look like summer. The economy is poor, and for some of us, money is tight. However, we still want to and need to go. Here are several tips on how to have a well-planned, stress free and enjoyable family summer vacation whether you have full resources or you’re traveling on a budget.

Make Early Plans To get the best deals on lodging, rentals and air fare, plan your trip early. Check out websites that reward early bookings to avoid missed opportunities. Planning your trip at least 3 months ahead would be ideal. According to Michael Sarka, executive director of the Vacation Rental and Management Association, “families looking for rental properties really need to get on the ball… and book early”.

Packing for your vacation Whether traveling by plane, car, train, bus or recreational vehicle, pack enough, but not too much. Make a really good list of everything you’ll really need.

From clothes to toiletries and medication, lay everything out on the bed and check off the list. You’ll have a record if your luggage is lost or stolen. Don’t forget a sweater for cool nights and an umbrella for rain. To avoid packing too much, pack clothes that can be used for several purposes and that can be coordinated. Pack black, brown or white clothes with colorful scarves and colorful costume jewelry.
To avoid wrinkled clothes, fold cloths softly and pack in folders or pack a wrinkle releaser, used for spraying away wrinkles.
Pack plenty of sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses.
Don’t forget the camera, camera batteries and memory card.
If traveling by car, have jumper cables, flares, a first aid kit, a flashlight with new batteries and a cell phone handy. Also carry bottled water and nutritious snacks.
For air travel, carry a small travel case with face cream, make up, aspirin, lip balm, eye mask and ear plugs. Always bring a snack.

Traveling If traveling by car or recreational vehicle:

Have a written plan outlining the intended route, stops and destination. Leave copies of the plan along with a description of your vehicle and its license plate with family or friends.
Refill the gas tank when it’s half full in case there’s a problem finding a service station on the roads.
Don’t let thieves steal your vehicle. As suggested by Dorothy Yamich in an article published in 111Travel Directory: triple 1.com.
Keep your registration on your person at all times to prevent identity thief.
When parking, close and lock all doors, even if for a short time. At no time leave the vehicle idling or leave the keys in the car.
Don’t leave valuables in the car. If you have no choice, lock them in the trunk when no one is watching.
When parking in public areas turn the wheels to the right or left and engage the emergency brake to lessen the chance of theft.
Park in an attendant controlled lot, in a well lit area, with pedestrian traffic.
Never park next to an obstruction (fence, hedge, anything large) that blocks a clear view of the vehicle.
If entering a gated secure parking area, make sure the gate is closed behind you to prevent someone from entering after you.
Look into anti-theft devices- steering wheel locks, break locks, pedal locks, hood locks. The best protection is a passive electronic immobilizer that disables the motor when the ignition is off.
Make sure to have adequate insurance that covers theft and damage.
Finally call the police if you see suspicious activity.

Check tires for wear and pressure, even the spare.
Check the refrigerant, coolant and batteries and replace dirty oil.

Vacation on a Budget

Try vacation rentals. You can get an entire house and great discounts. Ask about a discount if you’re staying longer than 7 nights. In the high season discounts can range from 5-10 %, but in the low season from 15-20%. You may be able to use your talents to barter a discount (taking photos or writing a description of the rental), or by referring your friends.
When driving, stop for picnics instead of eating out.
Take advantage of continental breakfasts.
Avoid pricy gift shops. Find natural gifts, such as sea shells.
When traveling with children, watch for signs that say “kids eat free”.
Vacation close to home to save on gas and airfare.
Consider a camping trip, such as to a National park.
Avoid vacationing at peak times (end of July to middle of August) for better pricing.

These tips are all worthwhile considering, to ensure that you have a great summer vacation.

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Best Luxury Caribbean Resorts For a Vacation

Best Luxury Caribbean Resorts For a Vacation

Discerning travelers in search of the perfect Caribbean vacation have a wide variety of luxury resorts to choose from depending on their preferences. Beach villas are ideal for water sports enthusiasts while resorts nestled in the mountains offer privacy and serene natural surroundings far away from holiday crowds. Here are some of the best bets while considering a luxury vacation in the Caribbean:

Caneel Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands is a retreat where old world charm and courtesy welcomes guests into the country estate style accommodations. Dining venues here include a restaurant set amidst the ruins of an old sugar mill and gourmet dinners in the private Wine Room. The resort’s spa, the Self Centre, offers holistic treatments to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Peter Island Beach Resort on Deadman’s Bay in the British Virgin Islands offers its guests private access to a white sand beach and excellent views from its residential estates villas. With two pools and wide terraces, the elegantly furnished villas offer a relaxing environment after a day of energetic water sports or hiking along the trails.

Ladera in St. Lucia is situated on a rain forest ridge overlooking the Caribbean and the twin pitons. It offers idyllic villas and suites amidst natural surroundings with a private plunge pool in each villa, sans the distractions of TVs or radios. Rooms without a fourth wall let the sounds of the rainforest filter through the lush greenery to heighten the experience of serenity.

A private island resort, Parrot Cay on Turks and Caicos has a self-contained private residence for the discerning guest, besides rooms, suites and villas. Beachfront villas decorated in contemporary style give the advantage of a vacation home with a dedicated butler while enjoying the amenities of the resort, including yoga retreats at the world-renowned COMO Shambhala Spa.

Fancy staying in rooms decorated by Ralph Lauren? Pineapple House in Round Hill Hotel and villas in Montego Bay Jamaica has oceanfront rooms designed by the famous designer, furnished with his home collection.

For the ultimate luxury vacation, rent maverick British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s private island paradise, Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands. The main Balinese villa and cliffside villas offer accommodation to visitors who enjoy the indoor garden, the pool and top notch service from the resident staff.

Alex Briganza is a professional traveler who uses his travel experience to introduce people to the joys of traveling. Alex is especially adept at luxury travel, and his favorite destination includes Caribbean.

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